VertiGIS - Your Expert for ArcGIS Utility Network Management

Enterprise-wide management of utility networks with GIS

Our response to the changes in the various utility domains: VertiGIS Utilities on the ArcGIS Platform for the company-wide management of utility networks.

Due to the changes in the utilities industry, new strategies and corresponding business models must be developed and combined with new business processes.

Since GIS makes a significant contribution to the new processes required, VertiGIS Utilities is designed for comprehensive and enterprise-wide management of utility networks and is made ready for the challenges of the future.

The VertiGIS Utilities data models, which are developed using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension, provide the basis for a modern utility solution that includes utility specific functionalities.

To meet the needs of the utilities industry for digitization, automation and flexibility, modern GIS systems must not only enable infrastructure documentation but also the company-wide management of utility networks.

The following four features make VertiGIS Utilities ready for the future.

Suitable data models and data quality assurance

The realistic and reliable mapping of utility network infrastructure is the prerequisite for all further analyses, calculations and automation. Solid data modelling and ensuring data quality are therefore of central importance.

The data model forms the basis for the management of utility network data. The VertiGIS Utilities data models are developed based on the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension and adapted to the requirements of our customers. They cover the structural and technical facilities as well as the network assets and document these with all their relevant properties based on their operational use.

All VertiGIS Utilities data models can be extended and adapted to the specific needs of the customers – at the same time, the update capability to later versions is always considered. ArcGIS Utility Network offers network rules, attribute rules and validations that define the behavior and characteristics of the individual assets and components in the network. This prevents the entry of invalid data and ensures data quality.

Illustration: Concept Utility Network Data Model

Modern expertise

With VertiGIS Utilities we provide solutions for the water & energy industry; today and in the future. With the release of the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension, Esri offers new possibilities for the management of utility networks, thus providing the technological basis for the VertiGIS Utilities solutions.

With VertiGIS Utilities the following workflows are possible (examples).

Supply reliability

By correctly modeling the network behavior, all elements in the network know their supply source and to which unit they belong. Accordingly, it is known what is connected in the network and from where it is supplied. In this way we can tell which customers are connected to the network and where, how many customers are affected in case of an interruption or which lines are relevant to maintain the supply. The results can be clearly displayed on a map and/or as a report. It is also possible to create a schematic representation of the logical relationships at any time.

Illustration: Supply zone with dual display – map and schematic representation

Operating status – Real-time behavior

The real-time behavior of a network can be reproduced with the preconfigured data models. In this way, not only the nominal state of the network but also the operative view is shown, and the differences can be visualized. The operating status is considered in analyses. It is also possible to query the network status at a specific point in time (historization).

Illustration: Time-based analysis

Damage and defect management

Damage events or planned shutdowns can be organized using simple workflows. For example, it is possible to capture damage or defects data with any device (even offline). The entire process from notification to elimination and inspection can be seamlessly documented.

Lifecycle management allows damage events to be analyzed retrospectively; when did which damage happen, how long did it take to repair, when was the damage fixed?

Thus, information about the network status can be queried at any time and presented via reports, statistics, status and failure lists.

Seamless operation through future-proof technology

To enable enterprise-wide management of utility networks, the necessary information must be made available to the specific employees in the way they need it. To present the data on different devices accordingly, the current data from different sources must be combined first, before they can be processed with the corresponding functionalities (analyses, calculations, etc.).

VertiGIS Utilities is based on a service-based architecture to provide this enterprise-wide network view. This means that data and functions can be accessed from any device or application that supports web services. In this way, seamless domain-specific solutions can be created, and smooth collaboration of different stakeholders in an enterprise is made possible.

VertiGIS Utilities enables consistent management of utility networks across all business divisions, providing better scalability, high availability and end-to-end digital workflows.

Illustration: Principle of service-based architecture in ArcGIS

Simplified administration

Not only the use of VertiGIS Utilities is efficient and target-oriented, also the administration will be simplified. Flexibility is important for our customers. Therefore, adjustments and customizations are possible and will be stored centrally to be maintained in a time-saving manner via an administrator interface. The solution’s seamlessness also means that the configuration for all solutions are defined in one place and can be efficiently and compactly maintained.

VertiGIS Utilities solutions are characterized by professionalism, high flexibility, scalability and update security. VertiGIS Utilities solutions will continue to be easily adaptable to specific customer needs. In addition, existing business processes will be enhanced to improve productivity, efficiency and data quality standards.

VertiGIS is committed to making a significant contribution to information and planning security as well as to supporting corporate development with its VertiGIS Utilities solutions – today and in the future. To take utility management to the next level.