Transportation and Logistics

GIS Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Precise geographic coordinates are necessary in transport optimization as well as crew dispatch and distribution planning. Different drive-times and distances between destinations must be calculated based on the most current routable road network.

With GEONIS Logistics, the performance of existing software solutions is enriched with highly precise geographic and real-time data and industry-specific geo-functions. As a result, all parties always have an exact view of the geospatial process data available.

Construction Material Logistics

In the planning and distribution of construction materials, many different input variables must be considered: features of the delivery vehicles, various production and storage locations, frequently changing delivery locations, delivery delays and ad-hoc orders.

The integration of GEONIS Logistics into existing software solutions optimizes the processes of transportation scheduling and time-window management based on geographical information.

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Field Service Optimization

Operators of technically demanding sites and installations normally use home-grown IT solutions for infrastructure management and process planning. GEONIS Logistics offers modular components which can be integrated seamlessly in existing IT infrastructure: tour planning (routing), area planning based on clustering, tracing and visualization of planning statuses and service technician locations.


Established solutions for planning and governing external delivery vehicles increase the performance of both local and global logistics.

GEONIS Logistics enables a load-balancing of loading/unloading locations, thereby optimizing plant traffic and deliveries. The integrated navigation eases finding the delivery location. And outside the plant the sequencing of delivery vehicles is optimized.

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