GEONIS in Pipeline Planning

As Technical Service Provider for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, E.ON Technologies GmbH uses GEONIS for both the documentation of the as-built asset situation, as well as the planning of new pipeline build sections.
GEONIS creates Alignment Sheets, greatly supporting the individual build-phases. The general availability of all relevant data on geographical conditions on-site provides the basis for effort cost calculations and acquisition of the required build materials.

The Solution

In addition to depicting the route of the pipeline and its elevation profile, the Alignment Sheets provide further information about land-use, protected areas, planned technical installations, crossings (intersections of the pipeline with other objects), parcel information and more. GEONIS manages the preparation and presentation of this information, which is extracted from a complex data model.

Added Value

The availability of relevant planning information for the build project, such as class locations, revision numbers and automatic tagging underscores the value of GEONIS as a planning instrument and shows once more that the application of the system goes well beyond classic network documentation requirements.
E.ON Technologies GmbH - GEONIS in der Pipelineplanung

Customer Testimonial:
„Through the implementation of GEONIS for the automatic generation of alignment sheets on the basis of validated GIS data, we have made the economical creation of qualitatively high-value Alignment Sheets possible, whilst at the same time excluding the typical errors created through the conventional processes of creating these.“ 

Detlef Müller, Consultant of E.ON Technologies GmbH