Geodata supporting green-space management

HVG Grünflächenmanagement GmbH (Green-space Management) is one of four companies associated to Vivawest Services Group offering services in the real estate and facility management sectors. The increasingly complex requirements of green-space management are easily covered by the highly-configurable GEONIS Framework.

The Solution

All data in the various parcel cadasters is managed in one geo-data management system, which is then made available to users in business-oriented workflows using GEONIS server and map.apps. Complete data capture and data management are then provided by various individual GEONIS speciality applications.

Added Value

Decisive factor in the introduction of GEONIS were the wide-ranging capabilities of the GEONIS solution framework, which easily cover the complex needs and special requirements of HVG Grünflächenmanagement GmbH. The company was able to deploy standard technologies which are nevertheless extensible to meet future requirements and tasks.

Customer Testimonial:
"We have deliberately chosen a leading company because we want to offer our customers the best solutions in the long term. The implementation of the green space cadaster was carried out without any problems and, moreover, within the specified time frame.”

Gerald Müller, Head of Product Development/Quality Management,
Vivawest Dienstleitungen GmbH