RESEAU Canton Bern – Tailored for Using Standard Components

The department RESEAU manages GIS data for drinking, waste, and fire-hydrant water for the approximately 400 water suppliers covering the Canton of Bern. The datasets for each individual supplier are imported and validated by the department.

The RESEAU data model was developed using the Geocom Developer Network (GDN), part of the GEONIS environment. In the first step the data was imported, validated and, if necessary, edited. Once the data were correct they were brought into the master database. The project management is integrated directly in GEONIS and can easily be called up using the menu. The state of the data collection can then be graphically visualized or exported as a list.  
With GDN, Geocom offers the required powerful development environment for the creation of individualized specialist solutions, all without requiring any programming know-how.

The Solution

GDN is a GIS development platform for the creation of highly individualized specialist industry solutions which the user can operate without any programming knowledge. 

Added Value

With this newly developed solution a higher level of automation could be achieved during the import and proofing of data. The workflow was significantly simplified compared to the previous solution. Project management is simply achieved and various sources of errors were eliminated.

Reseau Kanton Bern screenshot

Customer Testimonial:

„With RESEAU we achieved a modern value basis for our data. The information is centrally available to all those who need access. For water suppliers, engineers and AWA the solutions means a significant simplification of their tasks.“

Roger Isler, responsible for RESEAU at Canton Bern Department of Water and Waste Management