Project Examples

With many years of experience, we are able to implement solutions which cover different customer requirements. Our project examples give you a first glimpse.

Data Management / Network Documentation


  • Axpo: The Gap between SAP and GIS is ClosedFlexible and scalable communication process between GEONIS and SAP at Axpo.More

  • Energie Wasser Bern | ewb: GIS-SAP IntegrationIn this project a services and application infrastructure was developed to support and coordinate cross-departmental business processes with reference to geo-information. In this way GEONIS became an integral part of an overall “enterprise information system”.More

  • City of Bern: SharePoint Contract ManagementWhere will snow-removal services be carried out by third parties? Which restaurants are permitted to have an external terrace on public property? Questions like these made the challenge the Engineering Department of the City of Bern was facing: to create and manage spatially-relevant contracts in their correct location. More

  • City of Lucerne: SharePoint Work Management with Spatial ReferenceCollaboration, coordination and enterprise integration are the challenges placed on modern software systems. Works co-ordination also depends on smooth and transparent processes. So what could be better than coupling two leading systems and generating an even stronger combined solution out of them?More

Map Publication

  • WWZ AG: Online Utility Line InformationThe exact location of water, electric, telco and gas utility lines can easily be determined with an online utility line solution. Delays in building or digging work can now easily be avoided.More

Mobile GIS Solution / Maintenance

  • Energie 360°: DigiLeck – digital workflow for gas pipe inspections In order to map gas concentration measurements in a digital workflow, Energie 360° AG has imple-mented the «DigiLeck» project based on GEONIS gear.More

  • ewp: Mobile GIS SolutionEwp sought a mobile GIS application for efficient field data editing and integration of this data into their existing workflow. GEONIS gear met the requirement.More

  • Localnet AG: Mobile offline GIS applicationIn order to plan lighting for the public lighting system in Burgdorf, Localnet AG puts its trust in GEONIS gear when it comes to support for field surveys.More

  • Castor: Geospatial Asset ManagementRoyal HaskoningDHV was able to configure its new asset management solution, called Castor, in a very short space of time with the Geocom Developer Network (GDN). This self-configured solution was designed to enable the management of public land assets such as playgrounds and urban green spaces.More

Network Planning

  • E.ON Technologies GmbH: Pipeline PlanningAs a high performance network information system, GEONIS was predestined to be applied in the area of asset documentation for pipelines. But at E.ON Technologies GmbH the application range of GEONIS reaches even further than just capturing the as-built situation, the energy provider uses it in case of build planning for large installations as well.More

Logistics and Optimization

Environmental Planning

Geocom Services

Further references available on request.