Power Line Visualizer

3D visualization of planned power lines and towers within a few clicks

The need for new power lines is increasing as a result of increasing energy consumption and decentralized energy supply. The transmission networks are being continually developed in order to ensure future energy supply.

The demand for new transmission power lines is on the up, due to growing energy consumption and distributed power generation. A 3D visualization of a planned power line can minimize conflicts with different stakeholders and shorten lengthy approval procedures. It helps to present information on the project in a clear and transparent manner.

Along with the company vrbn AG, Geocom has developed an ArcGIS Pro Add-In, which with just a few clicks generates a 3D visualization of a planned transmission power line while using City Engine Rule Packages (RPK).

With the Power Line Visualizer Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, a 3D visualization of the planned power lines is created. The visualization supports key persons and the public, by informing and presenting the planning project to them in a clear, transparent and easily understandable manner.

Creating 3D power lines

A 3D view is generated based on the route taken. The system calculates the course based on the vertex of the routes, and the angles and suspension points are automatically calculated accordingly. At the start and end of the route, a portal is created to complete it.

Real illustration of country-specific tower constructions

Via the City Engine Rule Package created by vrbn, country-specific anchor towers, suspension towers and portals can be represented.

Editing the route taken

In the case of adjustment to the route taken (move or extend), the individual masts are accordingly adjusted by updating the 3D representation. As such, the different planning versions can be compared.


The 3D representation generated in ArcGIS Pro can be published for publication as a 3D web scene in their ArcGIS organization and / or ArcGIS Online and therefore made available to anyone.

With the 3D visualization of power lines, you can improve the spatial understanding and communication with key persons, such as network operators, energy supply companies and the public.

The add-in Power Line Visualizer for ArcGIS Pro is free of charge and can be downloaded from ArcGIS Marketplace.