GIS Solutions for Pipeline

Planning, operation and maintenance of pipelines are demanding operations. The gas requirements of the existing 27 EU member states alone already amounts to 500 billion cubic meters, which is expected to rise to 700 billion cubic meters by 2030.

The implementation of a modern and mobile system is a prerequisite for the efficient and cost-optimized planning and operation of transmission pipelines. GEONIS by VertiGIS is a performant, user-friendly and web-orientated pipeline management tool available for compiling all relevant information in one central data repository and in one system, including hybrid structures.

Documentation and Data Output

With GEONIS all assets along the transmission pipeline can be digitized and easily managed . Technicians and decision-makers can therefore be supplied with current information at all times.

Thanks to the central management of data in GEONIS planning requests from outside can be documented and processed quickly. Comprehensive background mapping, address location and easy-to-use tools help with queries on relevant business and spatial data.

Surveillance and Security

Security of operations of a transmission pipeline is a central aspect. GEONIS offers tools for the incorporation of pipeline pig data from different firms as well as data from overflights and surveys. The available integration with leak-detection systems from various manufacturers enables the immediate display of events in the map. If necessary, the system can generate an optimized route to a given event for a field worker.


For the planning of individual build phases of a pipeline, GEONIS Alignment Sheets can be created, offering a calculation basis for the acquisition of required materials or of work costs.

Alignment Sheets contain, in addition to the planned pipeline route and its elevation profile, a multitude of further information such as land-use, closed areas and nature reserves, planned technical installations, crossings, as well as cadastral data.

Land Parcel Agreement

With GEONIS, pipeline operators can combine information on right of ways, planning applications, inspections and overflights with the existing pipeline network and incorporate data on bordering property ownership parcels.

In Germany, nearly all property ownership data is available in NAS format (ALKIS). GEONIS has the required interfaces for reading of this data and subsequent integration into the pipeline destination system.

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Project examples

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