GIS Solutions for Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Survey affects more aspects of our life than first meets the eye. It is the basis for countless areas in the economy, management and even private life. Each planning and build is based on accurate information about parcel boundaries and the required information held in the official register, for example the ownership conditions of properties.
GIS cadastral solution screenshot

Cadastral Survey
We cover the entire workflow of the public surveyor with GEONIS process-oriented solutions. From data preparation for field surveying, to parcel mutations and their associated documentation, to the provision of official cadastral and mutation data to all relevant authorities. In addition to comprehensive analysis and display capabilities, GEONIS offers simple and intuitive data import and export (Interlis, DXF etc.).

GEONIS is based on the newest technologies from the world-leading GIS provider Esri, offering the innovative power of a Swiss company coupled with future-proof international standards.