A mobile GIS application

GEONIS gear is a portable application for using GIS data on- or off-line. GEONIS gear, developed with the ArcGIS runtime SDK from Esri, is ideal for use in the field. GEONIS gear is a focused and lightweight GIS solution for utilizing data on Windows devices.

The application is flexible and extensible, offline-ready and keeps your GIS-data available to you anytime, exactly when you need it. The design is optimized for tablet use and the intuitive user control makes GEONIS gear the ideal mobile companion, for anytime and anywhere.

GEONIS gear – your intuitive GIS solution for On-the-Go.

Basic Functions

The basic on-board functions like query, search, measure and position cover many of the basic requirements of jobs in the field. Additionally the GEONIS attribute dialogs provide rapid data access and the possibility to perform offline editing.

Offline Editing

Runtime content supports attribute data editing in the field. Field workers can make data changes on the spot and later synchronize them on their desktop computer for further processing.


Today fast and mobile availability of data is an absolute requirement, be it for field and maintenance crews, outage responders or just for mobile data collection. Its intentionally streamlined user interface makes GEONIS gear an ideal companion, even under difficult conditions.

Flexible and Extensible

Thanks to the use of flexible technology, VertiGIS can offer the possibility to extend the basic functionality of GEONIS gear to meet the user’s requirements.

With the integration of customized add-ins exactly tailored to your workflow, you will be able to perform your tasks more efficiently and intuitively than ever.