VertiGIS eGuide – Interactive Information for a Smart City

The solution for digital information displays

VertiGIS eGuide is an interactive information solution, which has been developed for large-format touchscreens, which you would find at information panels in airports, stations, hotels and central locations. VertiGIS eGuide is digital signage software, with which local information can be effortlessly displayed on interactive information displays.

The fields of use are diverse. As such, digital city maps, tourist information or maps of shopping malls can be represented, on which special “points of interest” such as tourist attractions, restaurants, shops or similar are highlighted. Calculating the distance from the location to the desired point rounds off the information. In addition to maps, VertiGIS eGuide displays event information, district information or departure times of public transport.

The content can be freely defined. With this integral platform, residents and visitors can always be provided with the latest information.

VertiGIS eGuide transforms traditional information panels into digital information systems

  • Local information
  • Interactive usage
  • Multilingual
  • Barrier-free
  • Efficient updating
  • Central data storage
  • Financed through advertisements

VertiGIS eGuide enables you to respond faster than with the classic billboard and paves the way to the future of the Smart City.

Digital, interactive map

Using an interactive map, local location information can be displayed and searched. This information can be clearly represented in categories and stored with any data, such as opening times, images, videos or QR codes. Calculating the distance from the location to the desired point and transmitting details to mobile devices rounds off the information.

Local information

On the welcome page, any information, such as event information, district information, emergency instructions, etc. is displayed.Residents and visitors can find information on offers, transmit this information to their mobile device and be guided to such a location.

The integration of real-time information from the Internet, such as departure times of local public transport or further information and displaying videos is possible. Content can be changed in no time at all. As such, current information on the POI (Point of Information) and POS (Point of Sale) can be updated and represented at any time.

Interactive usage

The software was developed for touchscreens. Indeed, simple and intuitive operation is provided by touching the screen, offering a visual and interactive experience. Large-format panels as well as conventional touchscreen computers, e.g. in the hotel lobby, can be used as terminal devices.

Multilingual and barrier-free

If local information is available in several languages, the language can be switched with VertiGIS eGuide. The application offers the option for operation at a restricted height so that even persons with physical impairments can effectively use the application.

Central data storage and efficient updating

VertiGIS eGuide manages its data in a central management system, which enables use on various media (information panels, website, etc.). The content can be manually maintained in a web-based application or updated by REST interfaces from other systems. Spatial information is available for other applications such as location maps, apps, printed maps, etc.

Where possible – VertiGIS eGuide stores its data – offline. With this in mind, VertiGIS eGuide offers extremely high performance and is prepared in the case of interruption to the network.

Financed through advertisements

On one side, the digital advertisement is played, on the other side you will find VertiGIS eGuide with an interactive town map with local information. By combining the page with an advertisement, financing of the infrastructure and operation of the interactive information is possible in the public domain.