GEONIS Datashop

Automated Data Provision

GEONIS Datashop enables carefully controlled map and data provision via the internet. Easy to use and providing exactly the mandated data in the required format, GEONIS Datashop is the ideal instrument for employees as well as customers. In addition to a huge reduction in time and resources, Datashop ensures legal security pertaining to online queries. At any time around the clock.

Users are able to acquire and download the required maps or data for their project using an automated self-service system which requires no manual effort on the behalf of the data provider.

The ordering and delivery process is completely transparent, as well as the archiving of the order and its data, thus guaranteeing a secure audit trail. Datashop is completely configurable, thus enabling innumerable configurations according to workflow and requirements.


The user must register before they can place and order for a map or data. Repeat users can create an account and generate a log-in for use each time. Single users must register each time.

Navigation and Search

After a successful log-in or registration, the user navigate to the desired area either by navigating in the map or with a query. At this stage the user sees only a limited map, as the detailed data will be delivered on fulfillment of the order.

Map Order

The user places a map-frame in the appropriate location on the map in order to select the area of their order. A map-series can also be generated.Various fields can be defined which must be filled out by the applicant, for example the purpose of the inquiry, or acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Data Export

With GEONIS Datashop the user can request either a PDF map or data in DXF formats. Further formats can be made available by request.

Automatic Delivery

Having successfully placed an order the user will receive an automatically-generated email containing the download link for the map or data. Terms and Conditions as well as any accompanying letter can be included at this stage. All in all the user can have the required maps or data for his project in hand within moments after creating the order. Fully automated.

Order Management and Archiving

Regular users can view and manage all their past orders in one place and even download data or maps from past orders once again.
The service provider can also view and manage all users and processed orders, archive orders and manage all the legal aspects related to the use conditions and audit trail.

Both user and administrator manage their Datashop experience with an easy-to-use web interface.