GEONIS Data Converter

Exchanging GIS data

The GEONIS Data Converter has all of the important functions in order to ensure reliable GIS data exchange that is easy to use.

GEONIS Data Converter is built on FME technology by Safe Software. All formats supported by FME are available for importing or exporting GIS data. Basic FME functions can be fully used. The GEONIS Data Converter complements FME with special components designed for GEONIS, which support the GEONIS data structure features when reading, writing or processing data.

Interlis export/import

Using GEONIS expert, you can directly export the data in accordance with predefined Interlis models. In turn, Interlis 1 & 2 data can also be imported into a GEONIS database structure.

Interlis is a file format mandatory for data exchange in Switzerland.

Esri Utility Network

The data from the geometric network can be transferred directly to the Esri Utility Network. It creates advanced connectivity and cleans up data.

Logging errors

Incorrect or incomplete records are listed in the GEONIS Protocol window. This makes errors easy to find and easy to rectify.

Attributes and spatial filters

Spatial or attributive filters can be configured to limit the amount of data the GEONIS Data Converter should read and process.

Import and export in batch mode

Import and export can be executed directly from GEONIS expert as well as in batch mode.