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Customized support

GIS departments are expected to provide secure and reliable services these days and to respond quickly to transformation processes. This requires a new type of support.
With Geocom Services we provide the support that you need to remain competitive.

We provide customized support to our customers, from individual Add-on Services to complete GIS Managed Services. This means that you achieve significant cost savings and can leave your GIS department to concentrate on its core expertise.

GIS Managed Services

GIS Managed Services provide you with the opportunity to outsource clearly defined sub-areas of your GIS administration based on a jointly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We take responsibility for operating, maintaining and supporting your system. This way you achieve a high level of service quality and system availability with transparent costs. As a result, you can be certain your GIS systems work reliably based on the latest versions. Managed Services close knowledge gaps and provide active support with optimum exploitation of your existing GIS infrastructure and format. Our knowledgeable, experienced specialists will be on hand to assist in the GIS field.

Your benefits:

  • GIS data remain in your company
  • You benefit from Geocom employees’ wealth of experience
  • Your GIS environment is installed, configured and always kept updated in line with best practice
  • You can focus specifically on your core competencies
  • You benefit from full cost control and service transparency in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • You enjoy more direct supper with faster response times –> Premium Support

Add-on Services

Add-on Services by Geocom allow you to expand the knowledge and expertise in your business in a highly targeted manner and bypass temporary bottlenecks.

We support you when it comes to analyzing your GIS data, reviewing database(s) including configuration, monitoring your WebGIS or taking on holiday cover. Our services provide you with targeted support and expert knowledge for optimization of your GIS infrastructure.

GIS Data Analysis

The most important features of a GIS are high-quality data and the right data model.
By creating/deleting data, expanding the data model and performing a range of updates, “legacies” can accumulate, thus negatively impacting on the performance of the GIS. With the GIS data analysis, your databases/media are systematically reviewed and the results as well as any potential measures for optimization are determined, and summarized in a technical report.


  • Coverage [%] of individual attributes per object
  • Analysis of your database to GEONIS standard (structure and logic)
  • Review of GEONIS configurations (validity, media, overloads)
  • Examination of GEONIS conventions
  • Topology test –> Error in report and table form (FGDB)
  • Detailed technical report including suggestions for improvement
Enterprise GIS Monitoring

Do you operate an enterprise GIS and want to guarantee that your system operates smoothly over the long term?

Thanks to active monitoring of your GIS system, potential problems are detected more quickly and can be rectified promptly. Consequently, the optimum performance of your GIS is guaranteed at all times.


  • Installation and configuration of monitoring software on an enterprise GIS environment
  • Joint evaluation of the results, determination of reference values, setting up of alerts
  • Deployment of monitoring sorftware updates
Performance and Health Check

Thanks to the performance and health check, various GIS components, such as system architecture, hardware, databases, web applications and much more are checked and compared with the Geocom best practices.

In addition to comprehensive sharing of expertise, you’ll get valuable tips on improving the performance and stability of your enterprise GIS environment.


  • Thorough performance and health check of your GIS environment (hardware and software)
  • Sharing of expertise and system check-up in line with best practice
  • Catalog of measures to enhance the performance and stability of your GIS environment
Standby Service

Is your GIS administrator going to be absent for an extended period of time?

No one who can take on their tasks during this time? With the Standby Service we provide seamless operation of your GIS environment while your GIS administrator is absent during a planned, set period of time.


  • Flexible support as needed
  • Any potential measures for optimization are discussed in the debriefing
  • Transparency regarding contents and cost of services

Project Example: IBI

«With GIS Managed Services from Geocom, I am confident that I always have an extremely skilled partner to turn to when it comes to the administration and consultation of our GIS environment. (…)»

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