Dynamic Supply Chain Risk Management in real time

Risk Management and Business Continuity for Alerting:

  • Visualization of the overall supply chain on a global map
    Visualize all involved locations of your supply chain (such as supplier and factory locations and different network levels, harbors, logistic centers, etc.) and its’ topological connections.
  • Integration of dynamic real-time data
    Even before a concrete event happens, e.g. a hurricane, the effects of this event and its specific dimension on the supply chain are modelled and represented in real time.
  • Ensuring business continuity
    • Automatic detection and display of potential new networks with suitable alternative locations and new topology
    • Dynamic calculation of alternative routes and estimated times of arrival (ETA)
  • Mapping of alternative supply chains depending on stocks and customer call-offs
    Dynamic calculation of alternative supply chain network not affected by the event, taking into account current stock situations and customer call-offs.

Alerting module: The unique anticipatory real-time solution for ad hoc decisions in case of an emergency.