Stadtwerke Lübeck

System- and Data Migration

Lübeck Municipal Utility is replacing its current system with GEONIS and has thereby chosen a modern basis for meeting the challenges facing energy utilities.

Stadtwerke Lübeck GmbH (Luebeck Municipal Utility) is the most important energy provider in the zone around Luebeck, between Holstein and Mecklenburg, in Northern Germany.

Luebeck migrated their old GIS (PARIS 3) to a new GEONIS system, with applications in the areas of electricity, gas, water and district heating. Along with the new implementation came a far-reaching integration with systems such as SAP and IS-U.

The Solution

The data- and system integration not only carried over older functionality from the previous system, but also laid the groundwork for fullfiling the utility’s future requirements. They include, among other, the generation of overview plans, schema diagrams and flood simulations using digital elevation models, as well as comprehensive reports for the Federal Network Agency.

Added Value

Thanks to the introduction of GEONIS it is now possible to execute installation and network planning in flood situations using 3D digital elevation models. The high level of data integration very efficiently supports the various processes between SAP, archive software, workforce management and GIS.

Above and beyond that, the ArcGIS technology’s ability to create spatial intersections offers comprehensive opportunity to optimize supply network reports.

Customer Testimonial

“Thanks to GEONIS we now have a modern GIS in operation, helping us to be better prepared for the challenges of the future. (…) „

Frank Johannsen, Project Manager Stadtwerke Lübeck


  • Country: Germany
  • Market: Energy
  • Competences: Gas, water, electricity, district heating
  • Facts:>140,000 households
  • Employees: >550


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