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SharePoint Work Management with Spatial Reference

Collaboration, coordination and enterprise integration are the challenges placed on modern software systems. Works co-ordination also depends on smooth and transparent processes. So what could be better than coupling two leading systems and generating an even stronger combined solution out of them?

On the one hand, co-ordination processes are constantly getting more complex; on the other, consequences of bad planning are immense: Who, e.g., wants to be responsible for a new worksite disrupting the town’s major yearly festival? Integration of Microsoft SharePoint and GIS helps furnish documents with their appropriate spatial reference and display them in proper geographical context which leads to more effective decision making.

The Solution

Geocom and IOZ AG developed a combined solution for event coordination as part of the construction permitting process for the City of Lucerne. The combination of attribute data in Microsoft SharePoint and geo data in GEONIS enables easy detection and presentation of spatial and chronological conflicts before they turn into problems. Additionally the system provides the potential to manage use of public spaces for public events.

Added Value

The combination of attribute data (Microsoft SharePoint) and geo data (GEONIS) offers the unique possibility to furnish documents with their associated spatial reference, thus displaying them in correct geographic position. With this new combined solution event-coordination as well as internal processes in Lucerne has become much more efficient and transparent. Current information about works projects is now available to the public at any time using a web map interface. More than that, Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent tool for process management. The combination of SharePoint and GEONIS offers the ideal solution for managing a digital map archive and serves as a project platform for large infrastructure projects. The results are transparent and repeatable, processes become well-documented and costs are much lower.

Customer Testimonial

“The central strength of the tool lies in the fact that all stakeholders and beneficiaries (street and works management) have a simultaneous overview of the development of planned projects. At the Department of Engineering various internal role owners and all user groups are involved in processes like co-ordination or permitting. The construction project stakeholders benefit from a coordinated process with demarcation of leading project participants, project spatial perimeters and time frame. The GIS-supported tool introduces numerous simplifications to the overall process and allows simultaneous stakeholder consultation. Thanks to this significant savings, especially in personnel resources, can be achieved. With optimal planning and coordination the overall plan safety for all involved in the project in public space is also increased. The building regulations can be reliably implemented with the required support. This coordinated method delivers a huge benefit for investment decision-makers concerning new plans and extensions of civic space, which can be reached reliably, transparently and efficiently.”

Angelo Garofalo – Engineering Department of the City of Lucerne


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: public authority
  • Competences: Geoinformation


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