GEONIS in Brownfield Remediation

LEAG implemented the GEONIS ALIS solution for the as-is documentation of Brown-field sites and the exploration of lignite (brown coal).

LEAG uses GEONIS ALIS for site preparations in lignite mining as well as management of suspected brownfield sites.

With GEONIS ALIS, all relevant information on digitized suspected brownfield sites up to collected research results are made available to local authorities.

The Solution

As a mine operator, LEAG needs official authorization for mining at a site as well as all other building operations. The remediation of brownfield sites and contaminated objects is a vital precondition for the issuance of all necessary permits.

All relevant information concerning remediated parcels must be documented, according to environmental laws. Additionally, constant exchange of information with the relevant mining authorities is a requirement.

GEONIS ALIS supports all these steps, from digitizing of suspected brownfield sites, their spatial assignment and valuation, as well as the management of samples and documentation all the way to thematic mapping and creation of reports which conform to regulatory requirements.

Added Value

Comfortable and efficient use of the GEONIS ALIS solution for brownfield sites along with availability of relevant information for all users in the company network and, for the authorities, allows for a fast and smooth flow of the most up-to-date information.

Customer Testimonial

„LEAG has chosen ArcGIS as its standard environment for the geographic information system (GIS). Moreover the management has decided that all future specialist solutions shall be oriented towards the GEONIS product line from VertiGIS.”

Peter Laux, GIS Manager LEAG


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  • Market: Energy Provider
  • Competences: Mining, Energy Provider
  • Facts: Coal mining 61,8 billion tonnes in 2014
  • Employees: 6,500


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