GEONIS logistics at Interseroh Pool-System

GEONIS logistics supports the transparent and flexible management of the logistics cycle across the entire supply chain at Interseroh Pool-System GmbH with geocoding, maps and routing.

In transportation guaranteeing the availability of a wide selection of fresh food throughout the year demands a complex logistics solution which provides support for the necessary real-time planning and delivery decisions. Interseroh Pool-System GmbH wanted to develop an innovative pooling system for managing multi-link transport packaging (MTV). For this high precision calculation information about facility locations, drive-times and distances isrequired.

The Solution

Interseroh implemented the SyncroTESS software system from Inform for its Europe-wide MTV pooling logistics. The software provides optimized synchronization of all pooling processes for best possible transparence in the monitoring of all supply chain links. The integrated IT platform allows for intelligent planning and delivery decisions in real-time at the interfaces inventory and transportation management.

This complex system went live in September 2014 with the roll-out of GEONIS logistics. GEONIS logistics manages the geo-location of all customers and depots, and helps calculate the drive-time and distance matrices between the facilities, based on HERE street network data for lorry routing.

Added Value

The distance matrices calculated by GEONIS logistics serve as a critical input value for tour planning with SyncroTESS. The extension of this information platform with a map component allowed the customer the entry of more complex spatial relationships directly in the application.

Customer Testimonial

“The SynchroTESS system from INFORM has helped us significantly in recent years with the development of a PUSH-based pooling system, allowing us to reliably supply thousands of delivery points across Europe with a very high delivery turnover whilst minimizing excess inventory.

The additional functionality provided by the GEONIS distance matrices now puts us in the fortunate position to be able to complete the last link in the planning chain: automated tour optimization with convincing results.”

Dr. Timo Langemann, CEO INTERSEROH Pool-System GmbH


  • Country: Germany
  • Market: Logistics Services
  • Competences: Multi-link Pooling for trade and industry
  • Facts: Since 2008, € 30 million turnover, 25 Employees


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