Industrielle Betriebe Interlaken (IBI)

GIS Managed Services

IBI opted for one of the Geocom Services: GIS Managed Services.

IBI (industrial operations Interlaken) supplies a large proportion of the so-called Bödeli region, which is situated between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, with power. IBI specifically supplies the areas of Interlaken, Matten and Unterseen with power, gas, and water as well as the municipality of Bönigen with natural gas. Even from an early stage, IBI was aware of the importance of network documentation and its resulting added value. With this in mind, GIS is part and parcel of the IBI business strategy.

In 2000, IBI opted for GEONIS and since then has formed part of VertiGIS’ loyal customer base. In recent years IBI has continuously developed the GIS offer and accordingly also put other GEONIS products into operation. In the meantime, IBI has virtually all GEONIS standard applications and success-fully operates the three GEONIS platforms, Desktop, Server, and Mobile.

A GIS infrastructure of this kind places stringent requirements on administrators. The environment must be continually available, maintained on an ongoing basis and extended and even developed based on new requirements. New regulations, standards, models, technologies, etc. call for additional regular updates to hardware and software. In this case, one can lose track and wonder whether certain tasks should not be better completed by corresponding services.

The Solution

IBI opted for one of the Geocom Services, GIS Managed Services.

Following a certain preparation phase, since April 2017 IBI has been actively supported in administration and the optimum utilization of existing GIS infrastructure. To date, a number of items have already been implemented, the structure and commissioning of a completely new GIS server landscape as well as being one of the first customers to successfully update to GEONIS 2017, among other things.

Added Value

Thanks to the high-performing GIS server landscape and the current GEONIS Version 2017, IBI is armed for tomorrow’s tasks. A diverse range of projects based on this are already underway.

Customer Testimonials

“With GIS Managed Services from VertiGIS, I am confident that I always have an extremely skilled partner to turn to when it comes to the administration and consultation of our GIS environment. Any concerns are quickly dealt with in a straightforward manner, as the team at Geocom knows our environment inside out. I am now able to concentrate more on managing the GIS team and aligning our GIS services.”

Domi Schmid, GIS Manager

“As Finances and Services Area Manager, it is important to me that the budget for GIS operation is as precise as possible. With GIS Managed Services from VertiGIS, we benefit from full cost control and service transparency according to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It is reassuring to know that GIS operation is 100% ensured.”

Martin Grüring, Finances and Services Area Manager


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: Energy supplier
  • Competences: Power, gas, water, heat and energy services
  • Facts: 50 employees


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