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GEONIS in cross-technological use

The supply networks of Harz Energie Netz GmbH for Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are fully digitally and cross-technologically documented and provided with information with GEONIS (Desktop, Intranet web and as a mobile solution). For outdoor use, the fitters at Harz Energie Netz GmbH use the offline capable, mobile GIS application GEONIS gear, due to the seamless mobile coverage.

As part of a tender, Harz Energie Netz GmbH decided to discontinue its existing network information system and decided to launch GEONIS for the branches of Gas, Water, Electricity, Public Lighting and Property.

The Solution

The network data maintenance for the branches Gas, Water, Electricity, Public Lighting and Property Management is undertaken by Harz Energie Netz GmbH at GEONIS expert desktop workstations. On the Intranet, the current database will be provided via convenient GEONIS server access. For mobile use by service engineers, corresponding data packets are provided for GEONIS gear application, updated once per week with current asset data. Export is via a manually activated update, once the installer is online within the WLAN network at Harz Energie Netz GmbH.

Added Value

GEONIS enables cross-technological use (Desktop, Web, Mobile) of operating equipment for digital process optimization. GEONIS is a state-of-the-art network information system which is tailored to special requirements based on its flexibility. Mobile application of GEONIS gear is used on tablets and laptops in offline mode and is ready for use at any time, without a data connection being required.

Customer Testimonial

“By launching GEONIS, we have set the course to ensure future requirements placed on a modern and high-performance network information system.”

Werner Coordes, Project Manager, Harz Energie Netz GmbH


  • Country: Germany
  • Sector: Energy supply
  • Competences: Power, gas, water, public lighting


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