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Mobile GIS Application for Evaluation of Road Condition

ewp sought a mobile GIS application for efficient field data editing and integration of this data into their existing workflow. GEONIS gear met the requirement.

Sustaining the value of road infrastructure is amongst the important interdisciplinary responsibilities of ewp.

Underpinning this maintenance effort includes understanding the current road conditions which are evaluated on location. As an innovative company, ewp uses the latest technologies for this work, including the implementation of the GEONIS gear mobile GIS application for the collection of road condition information directly in the field.

In order to sustain the value of road infrastructure ewp benefits from a workflow that consists of various components, one of these being the use of GIS tools which include a GEONIS specialist solution. The current condition of each section of road is collected in the field and then post-processed back in the office with the Expert GIS specialist solution.

The Solution

For the modelling of workflows for road condition monitoring in the field a GEONIS gear “Add-On” was developed. This customer-specific tool enabled workers in the field to digitize new road sections in just a few steps, as well as enter required attributive information conveniently through specially designed dialogues. After the field evaluation is finished the data is synchronized back in the office with the central data repository.

The Added Value

The easy to use GIS application is ideally suited for tablets and enables efficient data-collection in the field. With its automated synchronization the collected data can be incorporated error-free into the existing system architecture.

Customer Testimonial

“Our GEONIS gear solution, which has been tailored to our own needs, makes field data-collection of road condition information fun! And with it we gain an immediate current and representative overview of the entire township.”

Martin Mettler, GIS Specialist at ewp AG Effretikon


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