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Digitization in the range of channel value retention

The digital solution for the condition monitoring of inspection chambers at ewp was developed with Survey123 and Workforce for ArcGIS apps and provides a good example of how Esri apps are used by our customers.

Within the framework of value maintenance concepts for the sewage network, the condition surveys of inspection chambers and sewers by specialized companies are an essential component. A good cooperation with the sewer maintenance companies represents a considerable added value for the client and is very important for ewp.

ewp places high demands on the data quality of the wastewater utility plans and therefore expects complete data records and error-free data exchange from sewer maintenance companies.

The Solution

With the solution, which ewp developed together with MÖKAH AG from Henggart, information losses during data exchange can be minimized and efficiency in order processing can be increased. A sample manhole protocol has been configured in the Survey123 app. In three simple steps, the forms are created by ewp and made available in ArcGIS. With the mobile app, the required data including manhole images are captured by MÖKAH’s field service and made available directly in ArcGIS. The data in ArcGIS is analyzed by ewp and integrated into the utility plan. The results are incorporated into the INVERS® wastewater conservation concept.

The Added Value

With the app Workforce, the MÖKAH dispatching team keeps track of the order status at all times. The manhole protocols of Survey123 are linked to this app. A protocol is assigned to each order. It is also possible to link several different protocols. Using devices to carry their maps and assignments makes it easy for the field workers to stay organized, report progress, call for assistance, and remain productive.

This digital solution is already in use for contracts in two municipalities. The objectives in the areas of data quality and efficiency are more than achieved. In addition, valuable environmental resources are conserved as paper consumption per job is reduced by approximately 1500 printed inspection chamber protocols.


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