Energie Wasser Bern (ewb)

GIS-SAP Integration

In this project a services and application infrastructure was developed to support and coordinate cross-departmental business processes with reference to geo-information. In this way GEONIS became an integral part of an overall “enterprise information system”.

Energie Wasser Bern (Energy Water Bern, ewb) is one of the five largest municipal energy suppliers in Switzerland and supplies the city of Bern and the surrounding communities with power, gas, water, district heating and a fiber optic network.

ewb embarked on an improvement of its integrated IT infrastructure and decided for VertiGIS to develop a process-oriented GEONIS-SAP integration.

The Solution

VertiGIS implemented a salable services tier at ewb that is highly extensible to meet future needs. The software enables a bi-directional transfer of business data, thus ideally suited to providing performant parallel processing of large and heterogeneous quantities of data. SAP master data is imported into the GEONIS system and inserted into the corresponding geodatabase tables in accordance with domain-specific validation and on the basis of transformation and distribution configurations.

For example, customer service connections and other relevant connection points from the gas, water, electric and district heating business areas are incorporated into the GIS, where they can then be further processed. Circuit points such as switching stations, distribution panels, transformers, cable boxes, as well as conductors (high, medium and low voltage) are similarly transferred to SAP according to set intervals or on a needs-basis.

A „launcher” component was incorporated into the GEONIS user interface which calls up a parametrized SAP client. This client allows the user to accomplish their work in SAP at that precise moment before returning to the GIS application.

Added Value

For us, developing distributed software systems that optimally supports employees, departments and whole organizations in their enterprise-wide collaboration and cover their respective data requirements, means what we call “process-oriented integration”. Within the scope of this project, it was exactly this kind of architecture VertiGIS created for ewb, with services and applications supporting enterprise-wide business processes with reference to geo-information. In this way GEONIS has assumed its rightful role as a central aspect of an “enterprise information system”.

Customer Testimonial

„The solution enables system-independent data management and prevents the occurrence of redundant data. It also shows the openness and possibilities of a proprietary system. Our business processes are not dependent on the system, but work according to our operational requirements.”

Zilmil Bordoloi Nellen – GIS Manager


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: Energy Supplier
  • Competences: Power, natural gas, biogas, water, fiber optic
  • Facts: 600 Employees


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