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Enterprise-wide Data Management

Thüga Energienetze GmbH replaced its existing network documentation system with GEONIS solutions for water, gas, electricity and base mapping.

Thüga Energienetze GmbH (THEN) is a 100% subsidiary of Thüga AG and the energy supplier for 118 municipalities. THEN also operates as the services provider for the Lindenberg Municipal Utility by overtaking their service operations.

The company decided to replace their existing network documentation system with the GEONIS specialist solutions for gas, water, electricity and base-mapping. As part of this system replacement very complex data-structures were migrated to the GEONIS data models and integrated in the live database.

The Solution

The required desktop solutions for water, gas, electricity and base-mapping were introduced, corresponding web components put into place, and setting up new GEONIS based workflows for data management and map production set up.

A critical factor was ensuring high performance, guaranteeing the reliable operation of all implemented modules in each of the five operational locations concerned.

Added Value

The whole GIS infrastructure runs in a virtualized Citrix-XenApp solution. Centralized and optimized administration is now possible. Test systems can easily be provisioned through system updates.

Customer Testimonial

“The GEONIS System is very flexible and can be individually configured. A modern and uniform web interface makes data available to users across the enterprise..“

Gerhard Jocham, Manager IT processes Thüga Energienetze GmbH


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