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DigiLeck – digital workflow for gas pipe inspections

In order to map gas concentration measurements in a digital workflow, Energie 360° AG has imple-mented the «DigiLeck» project based on GEONIS gear.

Energie 360° is an energy supply company, which makes sustainable energy usable across all of Switzerland. As the continuous aging process of the infrastructure may lead to safety-relevant deficiencies or interruptions in supply, extensive maintenance work is to be guaranteed for operation. Gas concentration measurements are an indispensable basis of the network maintenance.

The gas network of Energie 360° is fully inspected every six years over a length of 1600 km. These inspections include gas concentration measurements to detect damage points. In the case of leakages, the location, concentration, cause of damage, status and classification, as well as type and parameters of the damaged line need to be documented. The resulting damage statistics are then used for internal and external purposes (e.g. Annual SVGW (Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association) statistics).

Previously, locations with a higher gas concentration were determined on paper logs and diagrams and later entered in the office with GEONIS.

The Solution

The leak detector is equipped with a modern gas concentration measuring device and a tablet suitable for field use, with which all lines are inspected. In addition to the special software for the gas concentration measuring device, the GEONIS gear application is installed on this tablet with extensions as «DigiLeck». An external GPS receiver is used to determine the precise geographical position of the leak detector in defined intervals. As such, following the inspection, it can be ensured that all lines have been tested.

With this mobile GIS application (based on GEONIS gear and ArcGIS Runtime), any damage determined to gas lines or increased gas concentrations are directly documented in the field. Furthermore, in future damage points shall be photographed and additional important information will be added.

If necessary, the recorded data are synchronized via the server. In doing so, all leakage points or locations with increased gas concentration are documented in detail and classified. These are then available for further processing.

The Added Value

The focused «DigiLeck» GIS product and consistent data flows across the ArcGIS platform ensure optimization of the working process through the digital workflow. Work can therefore be better coordinated and the results are traceable for all parties involved. Furthermore, there is a higher degree of flexibility in the work preparation and transparent documentation of the maintenance process. An annual printout of approx. 2,500 search plans is missing.


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: Energy Supplier
  • Competences: Sustainable Energy
  • Facts: 250 Employees
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