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Castor - Geospatially based Asset Management

Royal HaskoningDHV was able to configure its new asset management solution, called Castor, in a very short space of time with the GEONIS Developer Network (GDN). This self-configured solution was designed to enable the management of public land assets such as playgrounds and urban green spaces.

Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) wanted to develop a new state-of-the-art and configurable solution for asset management. They chose GEONIS.
After a few months they were able to roll out to their customers their new modern, flexible and sustainable solution named Castor.

Castor is a geospatially-based asset management solution designed to ease the management of public areas such as green spaces, playgrounds, roads and parks. It is popular with provincial and local governments, as well as industrial plants. The solution is also used by RHDHV themselves to support their professional services. In this way, RHDHV is both a partner and a customer!

The Solution

The Castor asset management solution was not „programmed“ but rather rapidly “configured” on the Esri technology base with the help of the GEONIS Developer Network (GDN) tools.

Castor is a comprehensive geospatially-enabled solution for efficient asset management. A comprehensive data model allows all important processes involved in the management of public open areas to be covered. Next to Castor, RHDHV selected the VertiGIS standard solutions GEONIS Electro and GEONIS Sewer for management of the build-out and maintenance of wastewater and public lighting networks.

Added Value

Castor is a configuration of the GEONIS basis and thus 100 percent Esri platform-compatible. The solution is flexible and can be easily and quickly modified to meet additional customer requirements, without sacrificing the sustainability of the solution through future product upgrades.

Customer Testimonial

“The fact that not only Royal HaskoningDHV, but two specialized software companies, VertiGIS and Esri, will make sure to keep up with technology advancements, is important for us and our customers in terms of guaranteeing the longest possible lifespan for our solution. In that respect, our investment and that of our customers is future proof.”

Ruben Busink – Head of the GeoICT department


  • Country: Netherlands
  • Market: Engineering
  • Facts: 130 years of experience, representative in more than 100 countries, nearly 6,500 employees


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