Canton of Valais

Central data management of the cadastral survey with GEONIS

With the GEONIS-based database ZEDAB, the Canton of Valais offers a central administration of the cadastral survey.

The ZEDAB project, implemented in cooperation with the Canton of Valais, enables the surveyor’s offices of the Canton of Valais to update the cadastral survey centrally. The database contains all AV93-compliant data in one database and is managed centrally in one place. The tracking is done via a system that is made available to users via virtual desktops via Citrix.

The Solution

The GIS professional system of the Canton Valais is based on GEONIS standard products, which en-sure an uncomplicated and time-saving implementation of updates. In order to optimally map the can-ton’s internal processes, additional customer-specific adjustments were made.

The integration of business administration and process support is covered by the GEONIS standard products and the separation of contractors (surveyors) is ensured by IT processes.

Within the project, the historization of the processes (updating data) was integrated into the internal processes of the canton and the data transfer from the production environment to the publication envi-ronment was guaranteed. The publication environment allows the output of data in Interlis format.

Added Value

The homogenization of the cadastral survey in the canton of Valais significantly increases data quality. It also significantly reduces the administrative work between the private and public sectors.

Centralization leads to competition within the surveyor market and allows the Canton of Valais, as data owner, to choose its service provider.

Uncomplicated access enables the Confederation, cantons and municipalities to use the central data for many other spatial issues. There is no need for individual surveyors to make enquiries, as the canton acts as the sole point of contact.


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: Public Administration
  • Competences: Cadastral surveying and cadaster


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