Optimization of in-plant traffic using smartphone-based Navigation App

Geocom, on behalf of BASF SE, has developed a smartphone-based Navigation App. The app aimed to increase safety at the BASF factory site, and to make more efficient use of the existing roadway infrastructure.

The BASF site in Ludwigshafen am Rhein is the largest integrated chemical facility in the world, with a surface area of approximately ten square kilometers. Other sources cite it as the largest factory in the world. The site’s infrastructure is very complex, consisting of around 200 production plants, 2000 buildings, 230 km of tracks, and 106 km of roadways. Around 39,000 employees are joined by several thousand visitors and external service providers accessing the factory site every day.

The Navigation App, developed for BASF as part of the NaviLu-Project, allows traffic at the factory site to be actively controlled. By minimizing the time external HGVs spend at the site, optimal use is made of existing traffic infrastructure, and the risk of accidents is minimized.

The infrastructure data required for the process support, and the map data needed for the routing – not available in standard navigation systems – , are maintained via BASF’s central Area Management.

The Solution

The app was developed to work offline using turn-by-turn navigation, and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET as a cross platform for smartphones. It will be made available on iOS and Android platforms. ArcGIS Enterprise is used as the central information hub connecting the central order system, Area Management and the smartphone app.

Added Value

Geocom’s navigation solution allows workers, visitors and HGV drivers to use their smartphones to safely reach their destination in the factory, taking into account the daily traffic conditions at the factory site (stoppages and diversions, etc.). Integration with central logistics minimizes the need for user interaction with the app.


  • Country: Germany
  • Market: Chemistry
  • Competences: Production and Research
  • Facts: 347 production facilities in 80 countries
  • Employees: 115,000


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