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GIS-SAP System Integration

The Gap between SAP and GIS is closed: Flexible and scalable communication process between GEONIS and SAP at Axpo.

Axpo is an energy supplier with activities throughout the entire value-chain, based in Baden, Canton Aargau, Switzerland. Axpo decided to implement an SAP-GEONIS integration for the network management department with VertiGIS.

The chosen solution is designed to enable a flexible and scalable communication-process integration between GEONIS, the master-system, and SAP NetWeaver.

The Solution

The focus of the system integration lies in the synchronization between the „technical places“ and „equipment“ in SAP on one hand, and the customer-adapted GEONIS Electric Solution on the other. The installations and components in GIS are classified as circuit entities, circuits, sub-circuits, circuit sections etc.; built objects as trenches, trench sections, supporting structures, shafts, cables, sleeves etc. They are then transformed into SAP-compatible objects and exported per defined intervals, or in real-time, to SAP using service-oriented architecture. Additionally, GEONIS establishes a linear referencing basis and makes it available to SAP. With linear referencing “markers” can be established to calibrate a kilometer-based linear reference along the length of a linear installation, thus allowing objects such as masts along a trench to be assigned a distance index accordingly. This way a structured data foundation for the asset management emerges.

Added Value

With this solution Axpo can manage an integrated view of the infrastructure objects of the power network and their operational equivalents in SAP, thus establishing a data-technical basis for an effective interdisciplinary collaboration. From a “classic GEONIS” with many specialized functions emerged a comprehensive operational information system using service-oriented coupling. This perfectly matched to the business process and requirements of the organization.

Customer Testimonial

“With the introduction of GEONIS Electro and the integration to SAP, two isolated systems were merged together for the establishment of a central, consistent and manageable network documentation system. Using WebOffice as client all employees get quick and simple access to all information needed. Thanks to the modern ArcGIS and GEONIS infrastructure the resulting uses are numerous and can be flexibly implemented, opening an enormous potential for further optimization. The collaboration with VertiGIS proved to be efficient and professional.”


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Market: Energy
  • Competences: Production, trading and distribution of energy
  • Facts: worldwide more than 4000 employees


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