Geocortex Mobile

Your framework for developing industry-leading field data collection apps

Geocortex Mobile (GXM) is a configuration framework that extends the ArcGIS platform to allow organizations to deliver native, customized, mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows devices that can be deployed for use in connected or disconnected environments.

This all-in-one, mobile development framework allows you to streamline your field operations using interactive smart forms (powered by Geocortex Workflow) to enhance the productivity of your field staff – whether they need to perform field inspections, seamlessly search for existing assets, collect new features or integrate with 3rd party native applications, Geocortex Mobile can be tailored to fit your business processes.

Develop cutting edge mobile applications and run them online or offline.

  • Offline Mobile Use
    Build the mobile apps your organization needs for offline field data collection.
  • Make it Your Own
    Combine Geocortex Mobile with Geocortex Workflow to build guided user interactions for virtually any process.
  • Deployment Flexibility
    Deploy your applications with Geocortex Go, or publish them yourself.

What is Geocortex Mobile?

Build mobile apps for Esri’s Geospatial Cloud

  • Designer
    Build cutting-edge apps from inside your web browser and optimize them for a mobile, offline environment. Geocortex Mobile Designer provides the level of configuration you need to create fully custom, branded apps.
  • Workflow-Enabled
    Geocortex Mobile comes complete with Geocortex Workflow, which allows you to guide the tasks your field workers perform.
  • Offline
    Geocortex Mobile lets you make edits in the field and synchronize those changes with the database when the app goes back online.
  • Cutting Edge
    Geocortex Mobile is built with the latest version of Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET and offers a compelling, sustainable approach to mobile application development.