Standardized Individual GIS-Solutions, Self-Developed

The GEONIS Developer Network (GDN) offers a development environment for individual specialist solutions, all without requiring any programming know-how.

GDN is an information and knowledge resource for specialist engineers who are implementing GIS technology. It is an open platform containing all the necessary tools – completed by an online forum, a knowledge base and a comprehensive collection of software tools.

GDN enables the GEONIS Administrator to easily and efficiently modify existing specialist solutions or add new features to them. Individually configured and varied specialist uses remain secure through the product release cycle. Any configurations made with GDN can then be used both in Desktop and Server.

GDN lets you easily and efficiently extend an existing GEONIS specialist GIS solution or create your own solution from scratch. An indispensable means to quickly meet project requirements and leverage the full power of GEONIS.

GDN Platform

The online GDN Platform with an integrated discussion forum and a comprehensive knowledge base serves as the central access point for all aspects of developing your own solution. GEONIS functions are documented and configuration examples are available.

GDN DB Modeler

The GDN DB Modeler offers the ability to model ArcGIS databases in an easy intuitive way. The modeling takes place using an UML editor and can be exported for use with the GEONIS Update Module. Incremental updates then offer version security with the solution.

GDN Database Compare

Using this tool allows you an even more detailed comparison as with the DB Modeler. Your comparison can then be modified using XML.

GDN Studio

The GDN Studio is a development environment for GEONIS which gives the option to graphically define the GEONIS user-interface.

GDN Data Importer

With the Data Importer you get an easy to use tool for loading any data from one ArcGIS geodatabase into another. You can separate or merge tables and save the configuration as XML.

GEONIS DB Statistics

DB Statistics contains comprehensive statistics about the contents of your database for a detailed analysis of your update and development work.


DB Update in XML format makes the care and maintenance of GEONIS data structures easier. You can create update scripts with the help of the DB Modeler, Database Compare, or even manually.

Reference list

Extract from our list of customers. Further references available on request.

Project examples

Complex integration projects present a particular challenge. A well-led project team working closely with the customer is the key to success.