Information about GEONIS and ArcGIS

  • Electrical Supply Information for GIS Specialists, Grid Electricians or Technicians


    Provide supply information more easily and efficiently – New functions in GEONIS Electro 2017.

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  • Integration of Rights Management for the "Portal for ArcGIS"


    GEONIS server Security

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  • Longitudinal Profile, Cross-Sectional Profile or Cover Profile


    The profile module of GEONIS server for the ArcGIS Platform

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  • GEONIS Point Processor 2017 – Geodetic calculations, integrated in GEONIS


    No matter whether it’s complex deformation measurements or simple intersection calculations, GEONIS Point Processor makes it possible to accept survey data and to use it for modifications in GIS.

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  • Release GEONIS 2017


    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of GEONIS. We’d love to give you a brief overview of what we have achieved.

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  • Digitalization and Integration: Building Bridges Across System Boundaries


    The software technology faces a great challenge across all areas: integration.

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  • Optimize worker processes with GEONIS and ArcGIS Platform


    Report, verify, repair - All of one piece

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  • Survey123 for ArcGIS


    Create online polls, collect information, replace paper forms.

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  • Update training GEONIS expert 5.4: Satisfied customers


    An extract from lots of positive customer feedback from the update training for GEONIS expert 5.4.

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  • Upgrade to GEONIS server 6


    Achieve your objectives even quicker. Use our tips and tricks videos.

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