Information about GEONIS and ArcGIS

  • Digitalization and Integration: Building Bridges Across System Boundaries


    The software technology faces a great challenge across all areas: integration.

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  • Optimize worker processes with GEONIS and ArcGIS Platform


    Report, verify, repair - All of one piece

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  • Survey123 for ArcGIS


    Create online polls, collect information, replace paper forms.

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  • Update training GEONIS expert 5.4: Satisfied customers


    An extract from lots of positive customer feedback from the update training for GEONIS expert 5.4.

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  • Upgrade to GEONIS server 6


    Achieve your objectives even quicker. Use our tips and tricks videos.

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  • GEONIS is ready for ArcGIS Enterprise


    GEONIS server is the perfect addition to ArcGIS Enterprise.

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  • ArcGIS Enterprise - a central component of the ArcGIS platform


    With ArcGIS Enterprise, new technologies have been launched using distributed resources and the options of working together have been further refined and extended.

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  • GEONIS gear 2.2 - Redlining and orthogonal measurement tool


    Discover the new functionalities and possibilities of our streamlined offline GIS application.

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  • What’s new in GEONIS Data Converter 5.4?


    GEONIS Data Converter 5.4 provides lots of new features and ensures simple GIS data exchange (import and export) for GEONIS data.

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  • GEONIS for ArcGIS 10.5


    A great step into the future.

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