Information about GEONIS and ArcGIS

  • Geocom Database Management Tools for ArcGIS


    Download Geocom Database Management Tools for ArcGIS free of charge at GitHub.

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  • New ArcMap Add-In for extensive and effortless DXF export


    The ArcMap Add-In enables the effortless DXF export of extensively symbolised GIS data – completely without preparatory work.

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  • Integration of infra3D into WebOffice


    Download a tool for integration of infra3D into WebOffice free of charge at GitHub.

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  • New ArcGIS Marketplace Provider


    Geocom has published its first ArcGIS pro Add-In in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

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  • Geocom goes GitHub!


    Download and use tools, scripts and apps free of charge at GitHub, or amend the source code and actively help with further development.

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  • First ArcGIS Pro Add-In published in ArcGIS Marketplace


    Along with the company vrbn, Geocom has developed an ArcGIS Pro Add-In, which with just a few clicks generates a 3D visualization of a planned transmission power line while using City Engine Rule Packages (RPK).

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  • New partner of the Release Ready Specialty


    Geocom has been accepted by Esri as a partner in the «Release Ready Specialty»!

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  • LISA – The digital information system for interactive touch screens


    With LISA, Geocom presents a software solution with which local information is displayed on digital information displays.

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  • In the jungle of interfaces


    Geocom prolongs the Support for older GEONIS versions

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  • Release GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 1


    We are delighted to present the GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 1 release to you.

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