GIS solutions for cadastral surveying in the focus of VertiGIS

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GIS solutions for cadastral surveying in the focus of VertiGIS


Within the new VertiGIS Group, Geocom and AED-SICAD offer special GIS solutions for cadastral surveying (in Switzerland) and land management (in Germany), which will continue to be the strategic focus of VertiGIS in the future.

The Geocom, respectively VertiGIS solution for the cadastral survey will continue to fully support all workflows of a surveyor's office in the future. 

Under the motto "We create time", Geocom helps users to complete their daily tasks with skilful guidance in the software. The aim is to achieve maximum benefit, high data quality and maximum efficiency.

Current activities
Geocom is working intensively on the solution for the cadastral survey. As a first step, a holistic mutation workflow will be developed to accompany the user through all changes in the different information levels such as property, land cover, building address, etc. This ensures that all cadastral survey work is mapped by an intelligent and logical arrangement and that no incorrect entries are made during the processes. First clarifications with customers of the GEONIS UserClub's AV Section show that this innovation results in a clear increase in efficiency.

Geocom is implementing the 2020-2023 strategy aimed at by the federal government in Switzerland. The following tasks are in the centre of attention:

  • With the next releases of GEONIS, the need for a data exchange on the eCH standard (eCH-0131) will be taken into account and newly supported.
  • Geocom is gaining initial experience with DM.flex by exporting the legally valid data to the new DM.flex data model in a first step. For the future solution of cadastral survey - based on ArcGIS Pro - a new modular data model will be developed, which is based on the philosophy of DM.flex.
The future solution will lay the foundation for a 3D implementation in cadastral surveying.

First insights into the development
In just a few months' time, customers and those interested will be able to gain initial insights into the development for cadastral survey