Improved batch call for GEONIS Data Converter

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Improved batch call for GEONIS Data Converter


From GEONIS Data Converter 2017 Service Pack 1 Patch 3 it is possible to import and export data with a simplified call and optional parameters.

With GEONIS Data Converter, clearly defined, recurring exports and imports can be automatically carried out. Combined with the Windows Task Scheduler, you define the time yourself. The call parameters can also be entered and executed at any time via the Windows command line window.

With dataconverter.exe there is an option of executing the conversions defined in XML via command line. Thus the processing of the existing definitions can be started easily and without GEONIS interface and user interaction, e.g. in the Task Scheduler. It simplifies the parameterization of chained workspaces, since the parameters are passed for all workspaces.

Prerequisites for batch import:
  • Valid FME and GEONIS Data Converter Licensing
  • Complete GEONIS structure (media/datasources/projects)
  • XML control file to define a default value for all FME parameters
The new syntax of the batch import via console application (dataconverter.exe) is (example call):
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Geocom\GEONIS\Bin\DataConvert> dataconverter GN_projektname GN_datasourcename GN_conversionName

In addition to these three mandatory parameters (see example), further optional parameters can be specified, which can override the configuration parameters from the XML control file. This allows the user to reuse the XML configuration file several times and only change individual different parameters in the call. It is also possible to define the desired license level with a parameter (ArcGIS Basic, Standard or Advanced).

Upcoming release

As of the upcoming release of GEONIS Data Converter 2017 Service Pack 2, you can import multiple projects into a database and recognize which import was used to write each object to the database. This makes it possible to recognize and exchange individual projects in a database.

GEONIS Data Converter has all of the important functions in order to ensure a reliable GIS data exchange that is easy to use.