Tips & Tricks: Part One – General information on Support Tickets

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Tips & Tricks: Part One – General information on Support Tickets


Which information is required to successfully create a support case? Checklist for creating a successful support case.

If you encounter a malfunction or an error message while working with our products, you have three possible way to contact our support team : Phone, e-mail and support form. Once your request is registered by our support system, you will receive a confirmation- and ticket number, that will serve as your further reference until the case is solved. 

The following information should be part of your ticket:

  • Accurate description of the malfunction that leads to an error message    
  • Documented error message(s)
  • Is the phenomenon reproduceable?
  • Version Specification
  • Logs
  • Original Data
  • Contact Details
Problem Description

In order to handle your case properly, we depend on your assistance. Please describe the situation as clearly as possible so that we can get an idea of the situation on site.

Error Message

Additional information is of great value, especially regarding the supplied data. For error messages we need the displayed message including error numbers. You can also attach a screenshot of the messages you receive to make it easier for you to record the support case. From Windows you can use the standard "Snipping Tool" or download external software such as Screenpresso (free version available).

If the malfunction is not limited to a single error message, but can only be reproduced in several steps, we also recommend to create screenshots or even better an on-creen video. This helps us to understand the exact steps that lead to the malfunction. Software for creating screencasts (on screen videos) can be found under the following links: Screenspresso, Snagit, Loom, OBS Studio.


If the problem can be reproduced, we ask you for precise instructions on how to proceed in order to reproduce the issue.

Version Specification

Please do not forget to inform us about the product version you are currently using and in which the problem occurs. For example, the information about the major version such as GEONIS expert 2017.1, GEONIS server 2017 or ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 is sufficient.


If possible, we ask you to send log files of all affected products. This will help us to determine the course of action or to work out a solution. If the log files exceed a total size of 10 MB, we can offer you file data exchange service upon request.

Original Data

If your Support Analyst must reproduce your issue as well (e.g. with the latest versions), we also need your corresponding project data. You can send your data by e-mail as long as the total size does not exceed 10 MB.

Contact Details

Please do not forget to indicate your direct dial number so that we can call you in case of further inquiries.

Once all information is complete, your case is going to be assigned by our support system to the appropriate support analyst who will handle your case carefully. You will receive feedback from the support team within eight hours. If the issue is rather complex, your case will also be discussed with other colleagues in a daily case review process.