LISA – The digital information system for interactive touch screens

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LISA – The digital information system for interactive touch screens


With LISA, Geocom presents a software solution with which local information is displayed on digital information displays.

Who's LISA?

LISA is a software solution, with which local information can be effortlessly displayed on screens. Using an interactive map, location information can be visualized and searched. This information can be clearly represented in categories and stored with any data, such as opening times, images, videos or QR codes. Calculating the distance from the location to the desired point and transmitting details to mobile devices rounds off the information experience for the user.

LISA can be configured for customer-specific extensions. The widest range of information can be combined and divided into categories and represented. Background maps are readily available but can also be provided yourself.

Information is held offline on the device, but can be updated online via web-based data retention, if available. A diverse range of connections and interfaces enable access to one single database, which can be used for further tourism apps, digital maps or other map services.

City Map interaktiver Stadtplan Luzern


LISA transforms traditional information panels into digital information systems. Thanks to the intuitive and interactive use, residents and visitors can find information on offers, transmit this information to their mobile device and be guided to such a location.

It is also possible to show current information or an advertisement. The solution is ready for use and the infrastructure was financed by our partner Clear Channel and financed through advertisements.

The content which can be represented with LISA is therefore unrestricted.