In the jungle of interfaces

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In the jungle of interfaces


Geocom prolongs the Support for older GEONIS versions

As a software supplier, Geocom sees itself as responsible for providing its customers with the most up-to-date interfaces for data exchange. The multitude of different formats and versions of the CH standards presents Geocom with major challenges in terms of prioritizing the individual interfaces. The effort required for the development of all interfaces and versions is considerable. Which is why Geocom focuses on developing the interfaces that most customers need. 

We are aware of this responsibility and try to implement this in the best possible way in the interests of our customers. For this purpose, we conducted an extensive survey concerning the use of the different interfaces. At the moment we are in the analysis phase to define a process based on the data, which allows the support of "old" standards and formats even in new versions of GEONIS.

For all customers who are currently still dependent on these "old" interfaces and, therefore, cannot yet switch to the current versions of GEONIS, we have extended our Limited Support for versions 5.2 until the end of 2019. This will allow customers who depend on this release to continue to receive support from Geocom.