Electrical Supply Information for GIS Specialists, Grid Electricians or Technicians

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Electrical Supply Information for GIS Specialists, Grid Electricians or Technicians


Provide supply information more easily and efficiently – New functions in GEONIS Electro 2017.

With GEONIS Electro 2017, the strand information can be created, corrected and managed more efficiently.

The creation and correction of strand information is better integrated into the workflow and thereby offers optimized user support during data management. So, for example, when creating electrical objects, the strand update can be directly initiated via the attribute form. When connecting a cable to a terminal in the detail diagram, the strand reference is now automatically updated. Various validations support the user in the periodic checks and to clean up the data. These include deleting strands that are no longer referenced and automated strand update, which can be carried out periodically.
GIS experts update power supply information
The supply information can be displayed in various formats. In the station sheet, it is now visible for each strand, which cable cross-section is connected to which terminal. Furthermore, information is also gained as to which fuse size and which switching status is defined for the respective strand. All electrical elements are displayed with a thematic representation according to their strand assignment. The switching statuses are now directly displayed at the station (symbol) on the cable end.

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Thanks to these improved functions, supply information can be provided more easily and efficiently - even on applications that are not available via the ArcGIS geometric network. As such we receive end-to-end availability of the supply information from the expert application GEONIS expert, by means of web applications like WebMap and right through to the offline mobile GIS application, GEONIS gear.
This means that technicians in the field using the GEONIS gear application can easily and directly call upon the supply information. On selecting a cable, all objects are listed that are supplied via this cable. Using the symbology at the cable end, the normal switch position can be read off at the station.

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Thanks to these new functions, GEONIS Electro 2017 sets a new standard for usability in application options for GIS experts, network electricians and technicians in the field.