Integration of Rights Management for the "Portal for ArcGIS"

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Integration of Rights Management for the "Portal for ArcGIS"


GEONIS server Security

In today’s business processes, integrated business systems are ever more important. Such systems allow users to monitor and analyze their difficulties from all perspectives. It is however vital that users can navigate efficiently between systems, without constantly having to authenticate. 

In addition to integrated Windows authentication, GEONIS server 2017 can also work with "Portal for ArcGIS" authentication methods and therefore supports this consistency. As a result, GEONIS server slots seamlessly into the series of ArcGIS apps and enables the use of named user license models with ArcGIS Enterprise. This makes various scenarios possible, such as acquiring field data using the "Collector for ArcGIS” application. The subsequent detailed post-processing of data with the GEONIS attribute form takes place in a web application, whereby the user-specific permissions access all applications.