Optimize worker processes with GEONIS and ArcGIS Platform

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Optimize worker processes with GEONIS and ArcGIS Platform


Report, verify, repair - All of one piece

Thanks to modern frameworks, complex operating processes can be extensively optimized in today's industry. Consistent data flows and specialized applications ensure that a common objective can be achieved by means of operating processes tailored to different groups of people.

An example of such a process is eradicating damage to public lighting.
If a resident on a residential street discovers a defective street light, this can be reported with minimum effort. All they need is a cell phone in order to scan the QR code on the candelabra. This code guides the resident to a form which is already partially completed, thanks to the QR code. All other information regarding the damage is entered by the resident. If required, a photo can also be added.

Survey123 Inspection App

Image 1: Reporting damage or other observations using a simple form

A web-based view is available to the relevant employee of the supply company or municipality, on which all reported observations can be viewed. Thanks to the information recorded, the employee can make an initial rough estimate of the relevance, in terms of the validity of the observation and then initiate the next steps. For this purpose, merely the status of the message is accordingly adjusted. As such, obvious incorrect messages can be filtered out and only relevant observations are forwarded for checking and processing purposes.

Image 2: Overview of the recorded damage / observations

The employee from the stand-by duty in the field ultimately views all relevant observations in their specialist application on the tablet, which are available to them anywhere, regardless of whether a data connection is established. In addition to the position of the observations and recorded facts, all the essential information on the power supply, type, light fixtures used, last maintenance work, etc. is available to them. This information can be queried and processed with different specialist tools. If the on-site observation by a specialist is regarded as relevant, the damage can at best be eradicated straight away. Otherwise, additional information can be recorded, which is necessary for the next steps. Following data synchronization, these are also visible to colleagues in the office. Further steps for the fastest possible way to eradicate damage can now be immediately initiated.

Image 3: Mobile application with all relevant information and specialist tools

With such consistent operating processes, everyday tasks can be optimized thanks to the GEONIS and ArcGIS platform. The processes are replicable throughout and there is the option of immediate action, thanks to coordinated cooperation. As such, the mutual objective can be achieved as fast as possible.