Survey123 for ArcGIS

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Survey123 for ArcGIS


Create online polls, collect information, replace paper forms.

With the web designer of the Survey123 website, you can easily design, release and analyze polls.

Survey123 Entwerfen Formular

Data can be collected via an app (iOS, Android, Windows) or via browser.

Survey123 Datenerhebung

All collected data can then be retrieved, visualized, and analyzed on the Survey123 website. Even more important: The feature service hosted in ArcGIS Online can be used throughout the whole organization via the ArcGIS platform. The collected data can be added to GEONIS in form of a separate layer.

Survey123 Auswertung Umfrage

Fields of application
In general, Survey123 can be used to collect data without using paper forms. Employees in the field can use a plausibility and completeness check while entering the data. Thus providing the dependencies of the data. The traceability and 24/7 availability by using mobile devices increase the data flow and optimize several processes.
If using a barcode, e.g. for lamp posts, stations, hydrants etc., it is possible to jump directly to the corresponding and prefilled forms. Reading counts could be easily done by the customers themselves, using a photo as a proof. Thanks to the fast flow of information, Survey123 can also be used to report damage events like defect covers, moving manhole covers, pipe ruptures, broken road sign etc.
Attached photos ease the planning for which elements need to be repaired and which spare parts are to be used. It is an ideal instrument to integrate citizens’ participation.

In the following example we show you how easy it is to prepare a reporting form: