Update training GEONIS expert 5.4: Satisfied customers

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Update training GEONIS expert 5.4: Satisfied customers


An extract from lots of positive customer feedback from the update training for GEONIS expert 5.4.

«I took part in the first GEONIS expert 5.4 update training in February. The training materials and update instructions for each application module and detailed and easy to understand. The two course leaders are highly component in this field of GEONIS expert update. A number of selected examples could be successfully migrated to the new version. I recommend completing the course soon - it's worth it.»

Fritz Häberlin, City of St.Gallen, Cadastral Office


«As a long-term Geocom project planner, we manage and configure extensive GEONIS customer environments and boast a broad range of expertise. Nevertheless, it is important to always be kept informed of new products and changes in order to be able to offer the best possible advice to customers. With this in mind, we attended the GEONIS expert 5.4 update training at Geocom in Zürich. The knowledge we acquired is very helpful when it comes to preparing and testing data models for the next step towards GEONIS 5.4. The pleasant atmosphere and friendly training leaders also offer scope for discussion and answering questions. With consistent data, a defined update plan and extensive training at Geocom, the change to GEONIS 5.4 is really smooth. »

Andrea Doberstein, Geocloud AG, Schlieren



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