GEONIS gear 2.2 - Redlining and orthogonal measurement tool

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GEONIS gear 2.2 - Redlining and orthogonal measurement tool


Discover the new functionalities and possibilities of our streamlined offline GIS application.

The latest version of our GIS application GEONIS gear provides lots of new hidden features as well as functional enhancements.

In addition to familiar functionalities, users also have a redlining tool and orthogonal measuring tool available.

  •  Redlining
    This new tool allows simple designs to be created, saved as an image file and then sent to the required individual.

Mobile GIS Redlining Tool

  • Orthogonal measurement
    The orthogonal measuring tool allows measurements of right-angle distances. This e.g. enables slide valves and manholes covered by snow or vegetation to be detected.
Aside from the new tools, improvements and enhancements have also been implemented for the existing functionalities:
  • The configuration has been adapted to match other GEONIS products so that administrators can use existing configuration modules when setting up new projects.
  • Support is available for GEONIS expert 5.4 data, thereby enabling consistent and automated data flows.
  • The configuration options have been enhanced for tools.
  • The user-friendliness has been improved for the GUI elements.
  • Various other components have been improved or enhanced (synchronization tool, searches, definition of presentation options, etc.).
  • Mobile GIS Messwerkzeug