What’s new in GEONIS Data Converter 5.4?

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What’s new in GEONIS Data Converter 5.4?


GEONIS Data Converter 5.4 provides lots of new features and ensures simple GIS data exchange (import and export) for GEONIS data.

The GEONIS Data Converter has all of the important functions in order to ensure reliable GIS data exchange that is easy to use.

In addition to Interlis 2 the latest release also includes functionalities for exporting GEONIS data to Interlis 1 format. Configurations for exchanges in accordance with SIA405 2012 are available for all GEONIS NIS solutions. Import and export are available in accordance with Swiss federal model DM01.AV.V24 for land surveys.

Import and export can also be executed directly from GEONIS as well as in batch mode. Error messages, warnings and statistical information are displayed in the GEONIS log window. This makes errors easy to find and easy to rectify. The messages can now be managed in multiple languages. 

The release is completed with multilingual user instructions. Thanks to the FME core the GEONIS Data Converter can also be used for data processing and data exchanges into other formats.

ArcGIS Data Converter
The support requested for importing Interlis 1 and Interlis 2 data into an ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase is now also possible. 
Management of geometry types (arcs, etc.) has also been improved in Release 5.4. 

Details on many additional enhancements can be found in the documentation portal and the “Release Notes” available there.