Geocom Runs First GEONIS Boot Camp in Zurich

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Geocom Runs First GEONIS Boot Camp in Zurich


Geocom has completed a successful pilot intensive training program for its distribution and implementation partners.

GIS BootCamp 2017 - Participants

The participants from Geocom’s regional distribution partners in Africa and Scandinavia took part in this innovative eight-day event at the Esri Switzerland office in Zurich.

Three different Geocom specialists delivered this intensive training to the participants in a back-to-back modular format, with modules covering GEONIS expert, Plot Studio, Reporting configuration, Building Applications with GDN and GEONIS server configuration and administration.  

The intent of the boot camp was to equip these representatives of our Partner organizations with the basic skills necessary to be able to effectively configure and implement a GEONIS solution, all in an intensive format that allowed the participants to cover all necessary content in one visit to our offices in Switzerland. The skills they have gained will increase their operational independence both in the pre-sales as well as implementation phases of customer engagement. 

In addition to the hard work our guests and trainers delivered, we also enjoyed a few social evening events and generally a good networking opportunity both with their colleagues on the training as well as Geocom staff. 

We are looking forward to the exciting projects that our first pilot participants will implement in their home countries, and we look forward to planning a similar event in the future for other partners.

"Thanks to all from Geocom who were a part of this boot camp. It was a great experience. I learned a lot and the whole Geocom staff have been so friendly and welcoming. Your course modules were on topic and your trainers very competent."
Rune Kjaer Hansen, Powel Denmark